Year of Establishment
0 %
Gross Area for Afforestation
1 million
Stems Per Year
3000 +
Trees Per Year
0 Ha
100 %
Net Emissions by 2050
0 mm
Annual Rainfall
100 +
0 +
360 °
Located on the Equator
0 asl
0 +
Flower Varieties

Who we are

A professionally run close-knit family business growing top quality cut flowers since 1989 that continually connects to the dynamic needs of our customers. Every flower in our gardens goes through a meticulous selection process to ensure that we are always growing the best that fully meets our customer’s taste

Spreading the Warmth

Bouquet of Love

Flowers make more people uplifted, and jovial. They are a burst of sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.


Standard Roses

Spray Roses



Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

 We believe in building long-term relationships and finding ways of doing business that keeps the balance

between all our stakeholders: staff, community, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

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